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How do I check my subscription, payment information, or billing history?
How do I check my subscription, payment information, or billing history?
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If you have an active subscription

You can find current information about your subscription, including your plan tier, a breakdown of your current GPU time, and your next renewal date on the Manage Sub page.

  1. Log in to with the Discord account you used to subscribe.

  2. If you’re prompted to authorize the website to access your Discord account information, click the blue ‘Authorize’ button in the bottom right of the prompt.

  3. Once you’re logged in, click the “Manage Sub” link in the sidebar.

If you’re having trouble logging into your account on the website, you can use the /subscribe command in Discord wherever you use the Midjourney Bot to get a personalized link to the Manage Sub page. Do not share this link with anyone! It provides access to your subscription information to anyone who has it!

To view your billing information, click the “Edit Billing or View Invoices” button you see in the “Billing & Payment” box:

This will take you to a Stripe page where you can view and update your current payment method and billing information. You can also find your invoice history here.

If your subscription is no longer active

The "Manage Sub" page on the website will still be accessible, but you won’t see a “Billing & Invoice Details” button. To get a personalized link to your customer portal sent to you by email, click here.

(If you have a subscription to Midjourney Magazine, this form will generate a link to that subscription instead. If you’re getting a magazine subscription link and you’re having trouble re-subscribing, or need other assistance related to your payment information, please send an email to [email protected] and the billing support team will be happy to help.)

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