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I subscribed, but I can’t use Midjourney. What should I do?
I subscribed, but I can’t use Midjourney. What should I do?

What to do if you've received a subscription receipt, but can't use Midjourney

Updated over a week ago

The most likely explanation is that your subscription is attached to a different Discord account than the one you’re currently using. If you’re still logged into the website on the browser where you subscribed, you can check the Discord account linked to your subscription on the Manage Sub page. Your Discord username will appear near the top left corner of the screen:

Check to see if the username you see in the Manage Sub page matches the account you’re currently logged into Discord with, including the numbers at the end.

If you’ve already converted your Discord username to the new format with no numbers at the end, your username may display on the website with your old numbers at the end for several days, but it will eventually change to show #0 at the end, as in the image above.

If the two usernames don’t match

Log in to the account shown on the Manage Sub page to access your subscription benefits. If you don’t know the login information for this account, create a ticket to get help from our staff.

Create a Support Ticket

If the two usernames do match but you still can’t use your subscription

Please get help from our staff by submitting a ticket.

Create a Support Ticket

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