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I was billed twice. What should I do?
I was billed twice. What should I do?
Updated over a week ago

First, double-check your email to see if you received two receipts from Midjourney. If you only have one, it’s likely one of your payment attempts failed and you’re seeing a pending authorization on your bank statement. These authorizations look like pending payments and can trigger payment alerts if you have them set up for your account. If you only received one receipt by email, only one of your payments was successful, and the pending authorizations will be released by your bank automatically within a few days.

If you received multiple invoices

Please contact [email protected] so the billing team can help you resolve this as quickly as possible. To expedite your request, please include the invoice numbers from the payments you believe were in error. These will be located near the top left corner of the receipts you received in your email, and are formatted like this: ABC1DEF2-0001.

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